About R.O.C.

Our Mission:
To take your concept, use our connections and create spaces that are beautiful, memorable and inspiring.


Photo: Goodknews Photography

Marquita Rugless, the brainchild behind Rochester’s Official Connection bka R.O.C. Events, has always had a flair for event design. She began producing fashion productions at the age of 17. Being extremely connected with people from different industries locally, Marquita became the one to ask when you needed something! In 2010, she decided to make her company official and that’s when Rochester’s Official Connection was born. For a few years, Marquita produced the large-scale fashion event, ROC the Runway, which brought out hundreds of people. Throughout the years, Marquita has continued to service clients by producing private events. Most recently, She has expanded her horizons and fiercely broken into the balloon design industry. With continuing education, R.O.C. Events is quickly becoming Rochester’s premier event company!


 Marquita’s love for event planning was sparked when she began co-creating large scale fashion 

shows during college. The experience and confidence she gained led to her planning and 

executing her own successful show. Seeing the looks she customized coming down the runway 

was worth all the research, organizing, and stress. As a result, Marquita Rugless founded R.O.C. 

Events. What began as a dream quickly became a passion that has led to over eleven years in 

event planning. 

Marquita’s artistry is set apart by her signature technique and specialty in creative balloon 

design. The ability to craft vibrant looks, not only for her venue but for any space or occasion, 

has made R.O.C. Events highly sought after in the industry. Her experience, professionalism, eye 

for design, and love of transforming simple spaces into statement-making events are definitely 

inspired and inspiring. But Marquita not only designs event spaces; she offers much more. From 

lawn displays to personalized gifts for special moments, she has developed a roster of services 

suitable for nearly any occasion.

As a wife and mother of twin toddlers, Marquita has left nothing undone in reaching for her 

dreams and living a full life. Her love for travel to tropical places, and homebody routines like 

online shopping and binge-watching cop and hospital dramas, leave her refreshed and open to 

receive the inspiration she needs. She explains, “I can find inspiration anywhere! I can look at a 

plate of food and be inspired by the colors. My mind works like that and I’m grateful for that 


The balance she has created in her life provides the motivation she needs to supply her 

community with designs they will love forever. But she doesn’t believe that the success she has 

found is unique to her. Instead, she believes that others in the industry can have the same. Her 

advice: Just don’t stop. The next step could be your win.